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Daily-Weekly-Monthly Rentals in West Los Angeles, California

Whether you need a car rental or short-term car lease for work or pleasure, Rent A Wreck, of West Los Angeles, California is here for all your driving needs. Count on us even if you need a car rental and are under 21 years of age.

Various Vehicle Choices
You'll appreciate our wide range of rental cars, trucks, and vans in our large inventory. We get behind the wheel before you do. We carefully inspect and test-drive our rental cars and rental trucks to ensure your safety. Trust Rent A Wreck's fleet when you need vehicles including:

Vehicle, Under 21 in Los Angeles, CA


Vehicle, Under 21 in Los Angeles, CA


Vehicle, Under 21 in Los Angeles, CA


• SUVs
• Min-Vans
• Box Trucks
• Cargo Vans
• Pickup Trucks
• Economy Cars
• Convertibles
• Vans
• Full Size Luxury Sedans


Flexible Car Rental Options at Fair Prices
For the times when you wish there were more flexible option, contact us at locations across the United States, or internationally in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. We keep our fleet of rental cars, rental trucks, and rental vans clean, well maintained and available when you need:

• Daily Car Rental • Weekly Car Rental • Monthly Car Rental

Free Pick Up Service from LAX
There's no need to call a cab. Rent A Wreck offers 24/7 service from LAX.

Car Rentals for Drivers Under 21 Years Old
We've put an end to the frustration young licensed drivers feel when they try to rent a car. It is difficult for someone under the age of 21 to rent a car. However, we do provide that service to you. 

Los Angeles car rental serving West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Colver City with quality car rentals at exceptional prices.

Contact us in West Los Angeles, California, about our rental options for licensed drivers including those under 21 years of age.